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Why are you called Honey&Date but sell Vegan products?

In the midst of trying to create the perfect raw cake back in 2015, honey and dates were the key ingredients used to replace refined sugar and we found that it enhanced the flavours of all the other natural ingredients as well. So back then, to us, these 2 ingredients were like Yin and Yang, Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, Batman and Robin, well you get the idea. Fast forward - now armed with perfect raw cakes, the company was launched in 2016 called just that - Honey&Date Ltd. We had a great start and gained awesome customers but after a few months into the business, we received more and more requests from customers asking to have their raw cakes made Vegan-friendly - replacing honey with agave which tastes just as good! It's gotten to a point where the agave version was outselling the honey one, so in 2017, we ditched honey altogether and have become Vegan-friendly ever since.


We are still working very hard to improve things that need improving and expand to places that need raw cakes! We are grateful for the support you have shown us so far and hope you keep enjoying our products. We'd like to take this opportunity and say a big THANK YOU!


How long will my raw cakes last?
Our raw cakes are best enjoyed on the day they are delivered but can be refrigerated for up to 5 days. If you want to enjoy it slowly, we recommend freezing the products upon delivery. Instructions are on the products page.


The raw cakes I received are still frozen. What do I do?

Freezing is part of the raw cake making process, Your order is shipped directly from our kitchen so it is normal if you find that your raw cakes are still frozen. All you need to do is pop them in the fridge and let it thaw for 45-60mins. The same applies to raw cakes that have gone down to room temperature. Just pop them in the fridge. Our raw cakes are best served chilled and have the consistency of a smooth and creamy cheesecake.


How do I store my raw cakes?
Raw cakes should be refrigerated in their packaging.


How much in advance do I need to place an order?
We require customers to order at least 3 days in advance for our large raw cakes, just to be safe. Small raw cakes and raw bites can usually be accommodated at shorter notice.


What box sizes do your raw cakes come in?
Our small raw cakes are boxed in 6's, some 9's, and 12's.


Do you deliver?
We can deliver large raw cakes to offices and buildings within London. Free delivery within Zones 1 & 2. There will be a charge to other zones. Small raw cakes and raw bites can be shipped anywhere within mainland UK. Delivery fees click here.


Do you do same day delivery?
Unfortunately not. Your order is made fresh and will be ready anytime from 2 up to 5 working days depending on how busy we are that week.


How do I apply for a job with Honey&Date?
To apply for a position with us, please send your CV and cover letter, stating the type of work you are looking for and your availability to


How do I apply for a work experience position?
To apply for a work experience position at Honey&Date, please send an email stating the type of work you are looking for and your availability to


I'd love to stock Honey&Date, whom do I get in touch with?

We'd love to hear from you! Please email










Are your raw cakes Gluten & Dairy Free?
Yes, our raw cakes are made in a gluten and dairy-free kitchen and we only use gluten and dairy-free ingredients.


Are your raw cakes Paleo-friendly?

Our raw cakes are Paleo friendly as we don't use any cereal or refined sugar.


Are your raw cakes suitable for vegans?
Yes, they are! Our raw cakes are also free from Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and Refined Sugar. Honey&Date is just our name. No honey is used.


Do your raw cakes contain nuts?

Yes, the main ingredient in raw cakes is cashew nuts but we do nut-free raw cakes too. It may contain traces of nuts as our kitchen handles nuts on a daily basis.


Do you sell any sugar-free raw cakes?

Our raw cakes are sweetened with fruits, dates, and a choice between agave syrup, coconut nectar or Xylitol for a sugar-free option. We do not use refined sugar. Everything is sweetened naturally.

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