About Us


In the midst of trying to create the perfect raw cake back in 2015, honey and dates were the key ingredients used to replace refined sugar and we found that it enhanced the flavour profiles of all the other natural ingredients as well. So back then, to us, these 2 ingredients were like Yin and Yang, Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, Batman and Robin, well you get the idea.. 


Fast forward - now armed with perfect raw cakes, the company was launched in 2016 called just that - Honey&Date Ltd. We had a great start and gained awesome customers but after a few months into the business, we received more and more requests from customers asking to have their raw cakes made Vegan-friendly - replacing honey with agave which tastes just as good! It's gotten to a point where the agave version was outselling the honey one, so in 2017, we ditched honey altogether and have become Vegan-friendly ever since. We kept our name because that's what our customers know us by.. and because "Agave & Date" didn't do it for us.


Now, a little about the founders..

The company was founded by Carmen, who is the creator of all the yummy recipes, and her husband Allen, who mainly is the guinea pig testing the recipes. Over the years, Carmen kept being creative in the kitchen inventing more recipes and Allen was creative on the other side of the business, building this website, designing the packaging, etc.

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